Thursday, November 6, 2014

Special Courier -> The Whiskey produce of Bhutan

              I am Not a regular!

Launched way back in 1983, Special Courier Whisky . 
I know nothing about the make it process of Special Courier but it is indeed one of my favorite brand among the products of Bhutan. It was few years back when i started tasting it and the moment the Whiskey touched my tongue i happened to fall in love with the taste. 
I like it the best when i mix it with Appy Juice and it is the best where if i were to rate it i would give 9.999 from 10. i wouldn't deny that other products are awesome but for me this Whiskey is the best. 
Sorry i can't give the cost for a bottle of Special Courier. I never buy it rather i drink them on occasions like re-union party or birthday treats. So i have a sound idea about how much it would cost for a peg of it depending upon the type of restaurants or hotel you are in. If you are in a regular hotel it would be Nu. 50 and in a hangout place like Karaoke it would be Nu. 100 to 200 or even more.
I would suggest if you want to save up some good amount then you better buy a bottle of Special courier and have it with "Appy Juice".  

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