Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sha-Kam Pa --- Flavor of Dried Beef

Sha-Kam Pa

The Bhutanese Cuisine is considered to be spicy with lots of *Dried Red Chilies* but i prefer less spice which is not hot. But i love the cuisine i am served because of its uniqueness in taste and the method pf preparing. This Shakam pa *Dried Beef* culinary goes Awesome with the Bhutanese red rice. 

    •  sha kam (Dried beef)
    • Red dried Chili
    • Raddish
    • Finely chopped onion
    • Tomato *if u like*
    • cooking oil  
    • salt
-> Cook 5-6 pieces of dried beef in an *pressure cooker* for about an 30 mins, to it add little amount of water *depends on the amount you are cooking the beef*
->when the beef is cooked properly, to it add Chili *de-seed if you prefer less hot* and not necessary to remove the chili stem.
->to the cooked beef add the finely chopped onion, cooking oil, and tomato *if you prefer*
-> chop the radish in circular shape and add it with the above mixture.
-> cook the ingredients along with beef  for about 15 mins and
-> when it is cooked add salt to taste (u can add the salt when you are mixing the ingredients)

*Its ready to be served* Enjoy with Red rice along with whey (Dachu)


  1. Nice blog i like how its going ,i will try bhutanese food , keep the recipes coming. What exactly is Dried beef

    1. I hope you know what Beef is. Beef is the meat of a cow and this fresh beef is dried in the sun for a good amount of time.
      Its an meat dried in the sun.... so when it is dried its called Sha kam meaning dried beef

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