Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Suja-- The Buttered Tea

Suja -the butter tea

Tea and coffee have been part of every persons life and yet is the same with the Bhutanese people. Early morning the farmers drink it and during every celebration it is one of the most important drink apart from Ara (local home made wine). The Tibetan butter tea is different from Bhutanese butter tea though most of the ingredients are the same. This butter tea can be served with various side dish like:
  -> Sip and Zow: Dried, flattened grains typically eaten as a snack with tea. Gaza Sip is deep-fried, dried corn. Bhutanese Fritos.
-> Khabzey
-> red rice

                                               Ingredients :

    • Water
    • Tea leaf *ask the grocery for making butter tea* in Bhutan
    • salt
    • Butter (cow or yak)

  1. Take half the pot of water *depending on servings* not a water boiler rather needs to be boiled on the gas
  2. To it add the tea leaf. Boil it until you get a brown colored water
  3. Pour the hot boiling water into a local churner . to know what local churner looks like * http://www.connectingcultures.us/resources/artifacts/art_item.php?accno1=FOOD&accno2=BTN&accno3=301 *  Or you can do it in the pot itself.
  4. Add salt and a lump of butter.
  5. Use either the local churner or the Hand mixer. If you are doing it in the pot itself use Hand mixer. 
  6. using hand mixer, mix it until you see a foam in the pot.
Once the foam is seen stop the mixture and then pour it in a cup and have it along with the side dish. have fun drinking this tea


  1. Is there anyway I can get the tealeaves in India, Bangalore to be particular.

    1. Ummm I don't think it is available in India. Maybe you can order it from a Student who is studying in Bangalore to get you one.

    2. Its available in Delhi at the Tibetan market at majnu ka tila.